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Affordable Housing

"Affordable housing encompasses a range of housing types allowing all residents to find suitable living space without spending a disproportionate percentage of their income. It can include ownership, rental or social housing." The City of Barrie

BDAR believes that community prosperity is based in large part of shelter and home ownership. In 2017, BDAR was focused on affordable housing and helping first-time buyers understand how to get on the housing ladder. As part of this, BDAR has been supporting Redwood Park Communities, a local organization who provides safe, affordable housing to members of our community. Read more about the partnership in this article.

Learn more about Redwood Park Communities by watching the video below.

Barrie’s first “Housing Hack” bring out housing innovation

Barrie’s first Housing Hack brought out innovation and exploration as 10 teams worked on finding housing availability and affordability solutions. The Housing Hack: Housing for Everyone took place in Oct. 2017 at Barrie’s City Hall. It was hosted by BDAR, in partnership with The City of Barrie. At the hack, participants used their skills, expertise and collaborative efforts to propose an informed and forward thinking solution to improve the future of living in the Barrie area. Click here to learn more about the Top 5 Solutions!

Social Housing Connections