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BDAR Celebrates Heritage

For the whole month of February BDAR has been celebrating heritage in Simcoe County leading up to Heritage Week happening February 21-27. Heritage Committees devote their time to conserving important parts of our history by educating the public on local heritage matters, researching properties for designation, and working with councils for heritage planning.


Heritage Barrie

Heritage Barrie is an advisory committee appointed by Barrie's city council. They work with the community to build awareness, provide heritage information, and encourage the preservation of heritage buildings and landscapes.

Behind the scenes they work hard on researching properties that qualify for the designation, keeping an up-to-date list of designated properties, working with property owners of a heritage property, and providing them with the information they need.

Should an owner want to make alterations to their property or new developments are taking place in a district that has many designated properties the committee will make recommendations to alterations that will preserve the overall character and elements that are already there.

In addition to their many responsibilities, the committee has worked to create several self-guided walking tours through some of Barrie's oldest neighborhoods such as Allandale and now Barrie's City Centre. Each property is provided with background information to the property as well as identifying the elements which qualified the property for designation.


Heritage Innisfil

The Innisfil heritage committee provides advice and recommendations to the council on local heritage issues, including preservation and conservation of buildings within Innisfil deemed historically, culturally, and architecturally significant.

Members work to promote and educate residents on heritage matters within the town, review and identify potential properties for designation, and advise the council on potential designations.

The Town of Innisfil is also home to the designated heritage conservation district in Cookstown. A heritage conservation district is an area that presents distinct heritage qualities and characteristics such as age, quality of buildings, streetscapes, and open space. This type of designation ensures that any redevelopment or significant renovations or alterations, and new growth within the district must remain consistent in design and not detract from the character-defining elements.

There are many benefits to having a designated conservation district such as tourism. It also protects and enhances features that give that area a unique identity, and provides local businesses with a space to locate that has unique character.


Heritage Bradford West-Gwillimbury

The main goal of the heritage committee for Bradford West-Gwillimbury is engaging the public to participate in heritage matters through the use of education, public relations, and public participation. In addition to public participation, the committee will advise the council on buildings, structures, and land that are of historical or cultural significance, as well as provide advice respecting heritage preservation.

Much of Bradford's downtown district was destroyed during a fire in 1871 wiping away early historic architecture and buildings. The only building that remained standing was the Bradford Town Hall which showcases the architecture of Classic Revival Style displaying a symmetrical facade.


Heritage Springwater

Heritage Springwater currently has 13 listed designated properties throughout their township. Much like other heritage committees these members work with the council on heritage matters like property designation and preserving the township's historical, cultural, and natural heritage. Some of these designated properties include buildings, trails, and natural features.


Heritage Oro-Medonte

The Township of Oro-Medonte has many heritage properties and has a rich history. Their heritage committee advises and assists the council and staff in matters related to cultural heritage resource conservation and planning. Heritage planning can be the restoration of programs organized to raise community awareness of heritage matters.

The Town of Oro-Medonte came to be when the Canadian Pacific Railway line traveled through to Sudbury bringing the need for a post office, and school for settlers who came there. What's now known as Carley Community Hall used to be a one-room schoolhouse and was the focal point of the town in its early days. The last class graduated from this school in 1965.


Heritage Orillia

The City of Orillia is rich in architectural heritage, especially in the downtown district. Downtown Orillia showcases many different styles of the building which evolved over the decades. One designated building, in particular, that's called the "Centre of King" in the middle building of a 3 building structure. It's a typical example of fine brick facades which dominate Orillia's downtown and was a common building style in the 1900s. You will also see other building styles such as Queen Anne, Victorian, Second Empire, and Gothic-Revival.

The Heritage Orillia committee works to advise the council on heritage matters, research and recommend properties for heritage designation, and build public awareness surrounding local heritage matters.

Heritage Committees create forums where history can be shared and appreciated through the encouragement of communication among historical and cultural groups. Preserving important parts of history to pass down to future generations while also embracing the new urban future.


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About BDAR

The Barrie & District Association of REALTORS® (BDAR) represents over 1,400 REALTORS® in the Barrie and Simcoe County region. BDAR provides its member's leadership opportunities, professional development, and other tools and services to help them deliver a high standard of services to their clients. BDAR is community-focused and believes that community prosperity is largely based on shelter and homeownership. The Association has a strong focus on affordable housing and helping first-time buyers understand how to get on the housing ladder.

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