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2018 Annual Report


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Supporting BDAR REALTORS® to be valued, trusted, and successful professionals in the community. 


BDAR Professional REALTORS® are the first choice for informed consumers. 

Membership in BDAR is instrumental to REALTOR® success

Mission Vision

In 2018 BDAR took a back to the basics approach and built our team out and connecting you with the best information, resources and key players in the real estate industry. Taking strides to provide value to members with the resources, tools and access to the best MLS® system, services and data solutions to be successful real estate professionals.

BDAR Event-108.jpg

Geoff Halford

2018 President




BDAR is dedicated in driving BDAR REALTOR® Member success. Putting the BDAR Member first always! 2019 is gearing up to be an exciting year, as we continue to bring you industry focused professional development opportunities, technology and information systems, communication and connectivity, resources and training and stronger local advocacy efforts.


Tania Artenosi

2019 President



2018 has been a year of progress for BDAR, with the transition into a new facility, an expanded professional development program, improved Member resources, tools and services. As a Member-focused organization, we work hard to improve and expand services in supporting BDAR REALTORS® to be valued, trusted and successful professionals in the community who give the most to their clients.


Julia Price-Greig

Chief Executive Officer

Quick Quotes
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2018 Housing Statistics

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2018 Simcoe County Market Statistics
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Statistics Archive
2018Housing Stats

2018 Membership Recognition

Real Estate in Review

A few BDAR Members took some time to share their opinions and experiences as a REALTOR®. 

Watch the full video at the BDAR AGM May 9th 

2018 Fellowship Award from the Realtors Care Foundation

Rob Alexander.jpg

Rob Alexander




Ross Miller.png

Ross Miller



Don Jerry.png
D. Brian Mortell.png
Charles Tonna.png
Casey Van Kessel.png
Christine Viau.jpg

Don Jerry

D. Brian Mortell

Charles Tonna

Casey Van Kessel

Christine Viau

2018 Membership Awards



Donald Gillespie.png
Rourke Howard.png
Linda Loftus.png
Annemarie Sier.png
Deborah Wootton.png

Joyce Birimcombe

Donald Gillespie

Rourke Howard

Linda Loftus

Annemarie Sier

Deborah Wootton



Mary Bateman.png
Karen Boyle.png
Sandy Ellis.png
Eleanor Faulds.png
Andrea Goedemondt.jpeg
John Gratto.png
Dyan Gundert.png
Hugh Hardy.png
Michael Hassey.png
BDAR Headshots UPDATED-102.jpg
Michael Keough.png
Brian Mccracken.png
Barry Wood.png

Mary Bateman

Karen Boyle

Sandy Ellis

Eleanor Faulds

Andrea Goedemondt

John Gratto

Dyan Gundert

Hugh Hardy

Michael Hassey

Robin Jones

Michael Keogh

Brian McCracken

Barry Wood



Enzo Annecca.png
Mike Douglas.png
BDAR Event-108.jpg
Karen Johnston.png
Sheila Krasowski.png
Vi Peacock.png

Enzo Annecca

Mike Douglas

Geoff Halford

Karen Johnston

Sheila Krasowski

Vi Peacock

We Are Team BDAR

BDAR aims for the win by connecting you with the best infomration, resources and key players in the real esate industry!



2018 Committee Reports

External Relations Strategic Steering Committee

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Nomination Committee

Technology and Information Systems Working Group

Ontario Regional Technology Information System (ORTIS) Liaison

2018 Committee Reports



Discipline Committee

Finance Committee

Governance Committee

Professional Standards Committee Advisory Group (PSC)

BDAR Premiere Events

Member Open House
January 10th 2019

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Member Open House

Breaking Ground
February 13th 2019

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Breaking Ground

Grand Opening
February 5th 2019

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Grand Opening

REALTalk Speaker Series: Market Outlook
February 20th 2019

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REALTalk: Market Outlook


2019 Outlook

Facility and Communications Summary

Quarter 1 Facility Use Summary

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Facility Use Summary Q1 Infographic.jpg

Quarter 1 Communication Summary

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Cummunication Summary Infographic.jpg

Did you know...

BDAR Members receive 5 rental credits in 2019.
These credits can be used for up to 8 hours in any room. 

Use them for your team meetings, training sessions,
larger events, or give one to a client with
the BDAR Member Referral Program. 

Host you next event, training session or meeting with BDAR!

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Facility Report

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